Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on his association with Swami in a personal interview originally shared by Shri.Naresh Sharma.

” I met Baba almost 3 decades back.. I was an ordinary citizen then. Baba expressed deep warm feelings and love which i can relive even today which drew me to Him. Since then I have visited Him countless times…”

“…I never went to Him to ask for anything nor to say anything, I would just go to be with Him. There are those fortunate ones to whom Swami gives certain gifts as a token of His love. Many people who accompanied me received such grace. But I never did. Swami would smile looking at me and say ” You, I will not give anything. Do you know why? Do you know where you are?” I would just listen. Then pointing towards the heart He would say ” You reside here, and so such gifts are meaningless to you.”

“..The deep love of a Mother, infinite compassion, I have had the privilege to experience in Baba’s presence. The world will always remember Baba for His many selfless service activities and the sacrifices He made for the benefit of mankind.”

Murali Krishna's photo.
Murali Krishna's photo.

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