Radio Sai Bhajan Tutor

Dear Brothers and sisters,
Loving Sairam!!!

With the Blessings of Swami,
Radio Sai Bhajan Tutor announces a special segment on the Theme – “Let us participate in bhajans with a true spirit to spread the DIVINE POWER and DIVINE LOVE”

Please share with us, the Bhajan Videos of Bhajan sessions at your Samithis, your family bhajan videos or any special Bhajan sessions arranged during festivals or during a service activity etc.

While posting the bhajan videos, kindly note the below points:

  1. The time duration of the video should not exceed 10 min
  2. The main focus of the video shall be on the Swami’s alter or Swami’s Simhasan.
  3. The Audio and video quality should be good

And we will post the videos of your Bhajan sessions in our BHAJAN TUTOR page. You can send us or you can directly post on Bhajan Tutor Timeline here:

We welcome you to join us to share and spread the Divine Joy and Love and board the all enchanting Divine Chariot called ‘Bhajan’, which guides us in merging with the Supreme Divine…

Our beloved Swamy, Bhagwan Sri Satya SaiBaba, the all pervading Almighty who descended on this earth to show the mankind the path of Salvation, started His Avataric Mission with the all elevating Bhajan –

“Maanasa Bhajare Guru charanam
Dustara bhava saagara tharanam”

This means – ‘Meditate in Thy mind on the Feet of the Guru. This can take you across the difficult sea of existence in birth after birth’

Swami started His mission of leading Humanity back to its connection with Cosmic Creator, through the simple form of Bhakthi, that is “ Bhajan”. Bhajan, when sung with divine adoration, cleanses the atmosphere around and distributes the divine energy into the cosmos which ultimately elevates the mankind.

Swami says, ‘Sing aloud the glory of God and charge the atmosphere with divine adoration…. This is why I insist on group singing of the names of the Lord’ (SSSVI 239)

When we sing alone, the heart merges in the song. But when many sing together, it acquires a Divine Power. (Sai Bhajan mala 30)

Those who sing Bhajans get what is called ‘double promotion’ for they DERIVE JOY and DISTRIBUTE JOY. (SSS X 101)

So, let us all bring the Joy and Divine Power together.

Much love,
Bhajan Tutor
Radiosai facebook Team
Admin ~ SK


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