Sai is Omnipresent – listen to this ad

Play this video link of the Coke commercial sung during yesterday’s Super Bowl game in America. ( Here is the link: )

Listen closely. At :16 in to the song, Sai Baba’s name can be heard loudly and clearly. Say what? Come again. What does this mean?

Here’s what we know so far. One devotee says this part of the song is sung in Tagalog, the language of The Phillipines. Another devotee says the meaning of the words is as follows: “sa ibabaw ng mga prutas”. HOWEVER, another person says the lyrics say: “Sai Baba namaha prutas”.

Are there any devotees from The Philippines who can help us understand what’s being sung here…and what it means? Just let us know here at Souljourns and we’ll pass it around. Much love and Sai Ram.

Thanks to Ted & Jody for sharing


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