National Birthday Celebrations: ‘Sai Premabandhan – the Unifying Bond of Divine Love’‏


21st November 2013

Dear Brothers & Sisters,
Loving Sai Ram to you!

As the holiest day of November 23rd approaches, I am sure that the hearts of all devotees in UK, like those of our brothers and sisters across the world, are dancing with great jubilation in celebrating the Divine Advent of our Lord Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

The National Birthday Celebrations this year in UK, commemorating the 88th Birthday of our Lord, are an expression of the collective gratitude of His devotees, a tribute from His Family in the UK. We are fortunate to have two very eminent personalities as our esteemed guests at these celebrations:
Mrs Janet Bock-Bicker and Mr Sikkil Gurucharan.

Mrs Janet Bock-Bicker from California, our guest speaker, is a well-known and ardent devotee of Bhagawan since 1969. Along with Richard Bock, she was blessed by Bhagawan Baba with many rare opportunities and divine experiences which they were privileged to capture on film and share as memorable videos that gave the world glimpses into the Life and Message of the Divine Avatar, Our Lord Sathya Sai Baba. Aura of Divinity, Advent of the Avatar, Universal Teacher- to name just a few of their films, are treasured by the global Sai family with great joy and gratitude.

Mr Sikkil Gurucharan from Chennai, our guest musician, is a young but highly acclaimed and widely travelled vocalist from the Carnatic music tradition. He had the rare privilege during the 85th Birthday Celebrations in 2010, when he was blessed by Bhagawan to offer two concerts in His Divine Presence in the Sai Kulwanth Hall.

In the holy company of devotees such as our guests – who had the rare blessing bestowed upon them by none other than the Avatar Himself, to interact with Him closely, stay with Him, travel with Him, witness the divine manifestations, cures, conversations and guidance, and be key instruments in His Mission through art, film, and music – one feels strongly and experiences deeply the Presence of the Almighty. As Bhagawan Baba’s devotees, our hearts melt and rejoice when we listen to His Story and His Song of divine love. Devotees forget the physical separation from the Lord and unite in the Unifying Bond of His Love.

It is not very often, and perhaps only once in a lifetime due to His Grace, that we get a chance to bask in the company of such ardent devotees of the Lord. Let us therefore strive sincerely not to miss these rare opportunities. Those amongst us who haven’t registered yet, please do so as soon as possible:

We have two short sessions planned for the da; please be seated at least 15 minutes before start:

Programme – Morning Session

10.30 am Bhajans
Welcome Address
Invocation Dance
Cake Cutting
Dr Kiran Patel
SSE & Youth
11.20 am The Advent of Divinity
Song of the Soul’
Mrs Janet Bock-Bicker
Youth Concert
12.50 pm ‘Language of the Heart’ Sikkil Gurucharan
2.00 pm Arathi

Programme – Afternoon Session

2.45 pm Bhajans
Welcome Address
Dr Kiran Patel
3.10 pm ‘The Bond of Divine Love
Hearts in Adoration’
Cake Cutting
Mrs Janet Bock-Bicker
Youth Concert
SSE & Youth
4.35 pm ‘Atma Nivedanam’ Sikkil Gurucharan
5.45 pm Arathi & Close

Mrs Janet Bock Bicker’s other Regional Sathsangs

Regions 6 & 7

Sunday 24th November 2013
12.30 – 16.00

Punjabi Community Centre, Cricklade Road, Swindon, SN2 8AZ

Region 4

Tuesday 26th November 2013
19.00 – 21.00

Sri Ram Mandir, Lohana Mahajan Leicester, Hildyard Road, Leicester, LE4 5GG

For those devotees who are unable to be with us can still join in via the Live Video Stream which will be operated on the day:

We look forward to welcoming you on the day.

With Loving Regards,
Sai Ram.

Dr Kiran Patel
Chair, UKCC

Thanks to Kiran Patel for this invitation


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