Walk for Sai- LONDON to LEICESTER’.

Om Sai ram,

By Baba’s grace, SHITAL is proud to announce an extraordinary event in the history of the United Kingdom.

Majority of you might have come across on your visit to Shirdi, many devotees walking from Mumbai, Surat, Hyderabad, and many more cities of different states of India to Shirdi. Inspiring from this and by the requests of our devotees, SHITAL is introducing a similar activity here, but on a smaller scale to start with.

Our temple in Leicester has now become a hub for entire Midlands & Northern England. Hence, by Baba’s grace we have decided to begin the walk from our temple in ‘Wembley’ to the temple in ‘Leicester’.

So, our dear devotees of Baba, SHITAL proudly invites you all to join us in this historic & first of its kind event, ‘Walk for Sai- LONDON to LEICESTER’.

The foremost reason for ‘Walk for Sai- London to Leicester’ is to collect funds in order to propagate Baba’s message to all parts of the United Kingdom in different ways. So far by Baba’s grace, our temples in London & Leicester are funding almost all of our activities.

By Baba’s grace, in the last three and half years, SHITAL accomplished the below activities successfully.

  1. Opening of first Shirdi Sai Baba’s temple in the UK in Wembley (London) on 31stJanuary 2010.
  2. FREE distribution of ‘Sai Satcharitra’ in all the languages printed by the Sansthan from 1st February 2010.
  3. Since March 2010, continuously offering food every day from 12.30 pm to the closing of temple.
  4. Organized a ticketed concert by Shri Anup Jalota in June 2010.
  5. Organized a ‘Sai Bhajan Sandhya’ in association with Shri Sai Baba Sansthan Trust,Shirdi, in the world famous Royal Albert Hall in September 2010.
  6. Sansthan’s then Chairman Mr Jayant Sasane inaugurated ‘Dwaravati’ an Information & Research centre of Shirdi Sai Baba in Wembley in September 2010.
  7. Organized ‘A Day with Baba’ in Milton Keynes in November 2010.
  8. Opened weekly centres in Hounslow, Kenton, East London & Milton Keynes in October 2010.
  9. Launched ‘Sai Dhuni’ our annual magazine in January 2011.
  10. Organized ‘A Day with Baba’ in Leicester in January 2011
  11. Started FREE Maths tuitions in Dwaravati from May 2011
  12. Opened weekly centre in Reading in May 2011.
  13. Introduced one Special Pooja per month for FREE in the temple & in all centres except Hounslow and Kenton since April 2011.
  14. Started ‘Sai Satya Vrat’ pooja for FREE every Sunday from June 2011.
  15. A day in East London in June 2011.
  16. Launched ‘Sai Dhuni’ II in January 2012.
  17. Cultural event at Nehru Centre in July 2011.
  18. Opened a centre in Luton in August 2012.
  19. Acquired a premises for the opening of a Baba’s temple in Leicester in August 2012
  20. Started a Centre in Leicester in September 2012.
  21. Launched ‘Sai Dhuni’ III in January 2013.
  22. Opened the temple in Leicester in March 2013.
  23. Translated Baba’s all 4 aarti’s into Spanish, German, Italian, Arabic, Mandarin, French etc. Languages in April 2013.
  24. Started distributing food to the needy at ‘Add Action’ centre in Willesden in September 2013.

By Baba’s grace the above mentioned are a few mile stones in our journey so far and many more like celebration of the major festivals, Chariot procession, conducting FREE weddings in the temple etc. are not mentioned to contain the list. Yet, we feel a lot more needs to be done.

Approximately 95 percent of the above activities are funded by the donations we receive through the devotees visiting our temples in London & Leicester (mostly London as Leicester was opened recently). For the first time we felt the need for requesting the donations in public to support and continue our activities. Hence we have organized ‘Walk for Sai- London to Leicester’.

Baba’s grace, so far 6 devotees confirmed their participation. Due to various reasons we are limiting the walkers to 10. There are several devotees in the list awaiting the confirmation. Walk will begin on 9thOctober 2013, 5 days prior to Baba’s Punyathithi (Dashera or Vijaya Dashami) which is on 13th October 2013. ByBaba’s grace, all the walkers shall reach the Leicester temple before Madhyan Aarti on this day (13thOctober).

May we take this opportunity by requesting you all, to please support SHITAL in your own way, either by spreading this message via your social media, friends & family or by DONATING any amount you feel right for this great cause. Please help us continue this great work!

With the money collected, we would like to improve our infrastructure; support more AddAction centres by providing food for the needy (http://www.addaction.org.uk/); acquire a commercial kitchen for lease near to our temple in London; translate Baba’s literature into many more prominent global languages; open temple/centre in Scotland & Wales etc.

You can donate by the following ways:

· Visit www.justgiving.com/walkforsai

· Text BABA09 followed by amount to 70070 (eg. BABA09 £10)

· Transfer/deposit to Bank, HSBC, Sort Code– 40-02-13 Account Number- 31742914 (please use our Reference ‘ LtL13’ when you deposit or transfer)

· Donate at our temples or centres.

For details please visit sai

Kind Regards,

Board of Trustees,SHITAL.

Baba Malik


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