Darshan and bhajans in Brindavan 1980



This hour-long video gives a glimpse into the past: darshan and bhajans (devotional singing) in Brindavan, Whitefield, near Bangalore.

The first part shows people waiting for darshan (sight of a holy person). Sathya Sai Baba comes and walks around, taking letters, talking to people. There is no music in this part, just crows cawing, people talking, Sai Baba talking, cars beeping, a train passing by. We see the great banyan tree, around which a structure has been placed to protect from the sun.

Bhajans start just after 25 minutes. Sai Baba sits for part of the time. After 25 minutes, bhajans are over, and again Sai Baba walks among the people.


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