Pictures of Swami’s new movie shooting in Puttaparth

Pictures of Swami’s new movie shooting in Puttaparthi

February 20,2013 (Wednesday)

Om Sairam dearest Sai Family

Puttaparthi has been buzzing with so much activity for the past two days thanks to Sri.Anup Jalota (famous Bollywood and Bhajan singer) and his team who are here to film some scenes for the latest movie on Swami titled, “Sri Sathya Sai Baba” in which Sri.Anup Jalota is playing the role of Swami.

(In this photo Sri.Anup Jalota is seen coming out of Hanuman Temple in Puttaparthi)

( This photo was taken on the banks of Chitravathi River)

( A close up of Sri.Anup Jalota in his car. Really liked his wig)

This movie directed by Vicky Ranavath and produced by Sri.Balakrishnan Srivatsav came to Puttaparthi with the entire crew to film some important scenes of the movie for five days.

On the first day of the shooting, some scenes were picturised on Sri.Anup Jalota, in Ganesh gate, Hanuman Temple, Chitravathi river.

So many Puttaparthians rushed to the shooting spot to see Sri.Anup Jalota dressed up like Swami. Even though no one can look or act like Swami in a close up, the wig of Sri.Anup Jalota was nicely done. Being a long time devotee of Bhagawan, I am sure he would have felt stress and ease in equanimity.

Speaking on this occasion, Sri.Anup Jalota said that it was his great fortune that he first had darshan of Bhagawan way back in 1960 along with his father. He said he also had the great fortune to witness the day when the Sarva Dharma stupa was inaugurated in Puttaparthi. He said apart from being a mainstream singer in bollywood, he also acted in 10 films before but this film according to him is his great fortune from the previous births and also a tough one.

For those living in Bangalore please note Shri.Anup Jalota would be having a musical programme in Sai Ramesh Hall, in Swami’s Brindavan Ashram, on Sunday, February 24,2013.


Unlike yesterday, today the crowd were doubled in number. The whole of Ganesh gate area was jampacked. The cameramen, spot boys, light boys, makeup men every one were busy running up and down. For Puttaparthians, the biggest camera that we would have seen so far probably would be those used by the RADIO SAI team and it was first of its kind experience to see huge cameras used in Puttaparthi. For a while, when i took out the cameras, light boys etc from my mind and just saw the crowd lined up on either side of the road, a very blissful joy came from within remembering those golden days of Swami’s street darshans where He would slowly pass in His car, blessing us with bonus darshans. But the very next moment the thought came, WHERE HAS SWAMI GONE? He is very much here with us…


Today’s shooting had few scenes picturised on Bollywood hero Sri.Jackie shroff who apparently was playing the role of a Puttaparthi Police Officer and Ms.Shadi karandaba (hope its spelt right) as his wife. The first shot was of Jackie Shroff and his wife coming out of ashram after darshan.

The next shot shifted to Sai Towers Hotel, where Jacke Shroff dressed up like a police officer arrived in a car. After coming out of his car he goes into the hotel and then comes out to get into his car.

The whole thing was wrapped up in 5 minutes and we all should wait for the film to release to see who this police officer was and what made him go to Sai Towers hotel and come out so quickly!!!!!..

As this film involves so many devotees i am sure they won’t spoil it up and hurt the feelings of devotees. It would be a whole hearted attempt to portray the story of the Avatar of this Kali Age.

With the kind of information, access to the literature and state of art infrastructure it would have been nice, if RADIO SAI with the help of students who can act very well, had taken up this movie project instead of individuals from film industry. Of course all is His well.

Lets us all wish this film a grand success.

To the relief of thousands of patients visiting Swami’s super specialty hospital, a new improvised entry gate was inaugurated on Feb 21, 2013 (Thursday). All these years, patients visiting the hospital had to stand in the queue right from 2 am on wards for the gate which would open around 6 am. It was a big challenge for those poor patients most of them with heart ailments, to stand in the queue for the whole night, some times in very cold conditions and also in rains waiting for their turn.

From now on there won’t be any more waiting. A new registration section separate for Cardiology and Urology was inaugurated this morning in the presence of three Trustees of Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust, Shri.Chakravarthi, Shri.V.Srinivasan and Shri.Rathnakar.

This office would be open from 8 am to 5 pm and any one can walk in and get them selves registered. Every one would be given a bar coded identity card and the time slot for hospital visit would be intimated. The patients can just come on the prescribed time and consult the doctors for further treatment. This is a very well thought idea and a big relief to the patients who now can just walk into the hospital avoiding long queues. This programme was also attended by director of the hospital, Dr.Voleti Chaudary, Dr.Neelam Desai, Former students of Swami working in the hospital and also devotees and patients.

(Shri Rathnakar inaugurating Swami’s altar)


(Officials offering prayers to Swami after the inauguration)


(Shri.Chakravarthi formally inaugarating the new registration office for patients)


(Shri.V.Srinivasan lighting the lamp during the inauguration)


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