Hindu Festivals 2013 Calander dates

(Vikram Year 2069)

Hindu Festivals 2013 Makar Sakranti Monday 14-01-2013 Vasant Panchami Friday 15-02-2013 Maha Shivaratri Sunday 10-03-2013 Holi Wednesday 27-03-2013 Hindi New Year Thursday 11-04-2013 Ramayana Week Thursday 11-04-2013 To Saturday 20-04-2013 Ramanavami Saturday 20-04-2013 Hanuman Jayanti Thursday 25-04-2013 Raksha Bandhan or WednesdayTuesday 21-08-201320-08-2013 Krishna Janmashthami Wednesday 28-08-2013 Ganesh Chaturthi Monday 09-09-2013 Pitr-paksha Friday 20-09-2013 To Friday 04-10-2013 Navaratri Saturday 05-10-2013 To Sunday 13-10-2013 Saraswati Puja(Forms part of Navaratri) Friday 11-10-2013 Vijay Dashami (Dasera) Monday 14-10-2013 Deepavali (Diwali) Sunday 03-11-2013 Vikram New Year 2070 Monday 04-11-2013 Buddha Purnima Saturday 25-05-2013
Guru Purnima Monday 22-07-2013
The above lists refer to Hindu festivals as celebrated in North India.
Hindu Festivals in South India can add additional days to the lists above.


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