National Youth Conference 2013 – Live Streaming

Sri Sathya Sai Service Organisation UK
National Youth Conference 2013
21st February 2013
Dear Fellow Devotees,
Jai Sai Ram!
Youth all over the UK are highly excited about the National Youth Conference “How To Make OUR Life HIS Message” happening this weekend in Watford. We are very fortunate to have with us, Dr Sunder Iyer as Guest Speaker. Dr Sunder Iyer has flown in from Cleveland, Ohio to be with us. He is an alumuns of Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher learning, Prashanti Nilayam having completed his Undergraduate degree, Masters and Phd there as well as teaching for a short time at the University. He was in the first batch of students to join Swami’s college at Puttaparthi in 1979 and during his days as a student had the rare and golden opportunity to be Swami’s personal attendant, thereby experiencing the most intimate and rare encounters with Divinity day to day.
There will be an opportunity for all devotees to hear Dr Sunder Iyer speak, via Live Web Stream as the activities happening in the main hall will be streamed live from Friday 22nd February 7:15pm to Sunday 24th February 1pm.
Please click on the link below to stream between Friday evening (22/02) to Sunday afternoon (24/02).
A program of what will be streamed over the weekend will be published on the link above.
Videos and photos will also be uploaded to our Youth Conference Website
With Sai Love,
National Youth Conference Planning Team 2013
Work of the Master – Bhagawan Baba – A must see video link below

 Key note Speaker Dr Sunder Iyer

Sunder Iyer, hails from Cleveland, Ohio and is an alumni of Sri Satya Sai Institute of Higher Learning. He was in the first batch of students to join Swami’s college at Puttaparthi in 1979. He completed his graduation, post-graduation and subsequently, Ph.D. in Banking and Finance at Puttaparthi by 1989. He then continued to teach at Swami’s University for about 5 years, until 1994.As with all students of his times, Sunder had innumerable occasions of being close to Swami and learning from His direct divine presence. He had the privilege of being a personal attendant of Swami for a short period, during his student days. During these months of close encounters, Sunder not only witnessed Swami in His day-to-day life, but also was privileged to be personally guided by this great teacher. In 1992, Swami was gracious to perform the wedding of Sunder with Maya, in his private room at Prashanti Nilayam.Sunder’s passion is practicing and teaching yoga and he was the only student that received recognition and medal for yoga from the Divine hands during the first convocation of the Sai University. Everything he learnt about this wonderful science, he learnt at Swami’s Lotus Feet and from the masters who would visit the ashram. Among these many yogis, were teachers such as Indira Devi, Swami Karunyananda, Yogi Bhairavan and many other unnamed Himalayan masters. His passion for spreading the message of Sai through yoga and meditation, has taken him around the world, conducting yoga and meditation camps.

Weekend Programme

Friday February 22nd

18.00 Registration/Dinner* *Kitchen closes 20:45
19.15 Prayers/Bhajans
20.15 Welcome Shyam Jamnadas
20.25 Introductory Address Dr Kiran Patel
20.40 Opening Thoughts Dr Sunder Iyer
21.05 ‘Life is a Song, Sing It’ Musical offering
21.20 Arathi
21.30 Close

Saturday February 23rd

06.15 Silent Sitting
06.30 Morning Prayers/ Darshan
07.00 Yoga
08.45 Seated in Main Hall
09.00 Prayers/Video Trailers
09.15 Welcome Shyam Jamnadas
09.30 ‘My Master and I’ Dr Sunder Iyer
10.10 Workshop 1*- ‘Follow the Master’ *Includes Tea Break
12.20 LUNCH
13:20 ‘Life is a Game, Play it’ Deviesh & Gobika
14.00 ‘Trust in Sai’ Phil D’Costa
14:15 ‘His Message’ Video
14.25 ‘My Life is My Message’ Dr Sunder Iyer
15.10 Workshop 2*- ‘My Life is My Message’ *Includes Tea Break
17.25 ‘Life is Love, Live It’ Divij Desai
17.45 ‘Life is Love, Live it’ Grama Seva experiences
18.00 DINNER
19.00 Q & A Panel
20.00 ‘Our Hearts’ Song’ Cultural Programme
20.50 Arathi
21.00 Close

Sunday February 24th

06.15 Silent Sitting
06.30 Morning Prayers/Darshan
07.00 Yoga
08.45 Seated in Main Hall
08.50 Introduction
08.55 ‘God as Guide’ Srilatha Komaravolu
09.15 ‘Messengers of Sai’ Dr Sunder Iyer
10.00 Workshop 3*- ‘Our Life is His Message’ *Includes Tea Break
12.15 Closing Session Dr Veeru Rao
12.40 Bhajans
12.55 Arathi

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