Story behind this Ph oto – Swami was wear ing this Sandals .‏

  • Story behind this Photo – Swami was wearing this Sandals .‏


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Story behind this Photo – 96 : Swami was wearing this Sandals .
Love & Regards – Mumbai Srinivasan

Anything which were used by Bhagavan Baba, becomes Divine and sacred. In the earliest years of Bhagavan’s Advent, Swami used to wear sandals. It is difficult to know where are those Holy sandals now. Everybody will be happy to know the whereabouts of those Holy Sandals.

Long back, I happened to visit the home of Srimathi M.S.Subbalakshmi, in Chennai. The purpose of this visit was to invite her to inaugurate the anniversary celebrations of T’Nagar Samithi, Chennai. We were given nice coffee, and also some nice narrations about her experiences with Bhagavan Baba. She took us inside her Pooja room where she showed us a pair of Sandals. She said that she worshiped those Holy sandals every day, chanting Sai Ashtotharam (108 names) . I could see the depth of devotion in her, as is seen in every music concerts rendered by her. Swami refers this as “Bhaavam”, Swami elaborates that in all spiritual activities such as rendering music, worship, and or anything with Divine, there should be Bhakthi Bhaavam (extreme devotional feelings). That day, we could realize this, when she was showing us the Divine sandals. She humbly told that she has received this from Bhagavan as “Prasadham”.

I had been most fortunate to have Darshan of another pair of Divine Sandals. In this Photograph, you are seeing the Divine Sandals, which I saw in the house of Late Mr. C. Ramachandran who was living in Pune. He was working as the Chief Scientific advisor to the Chief of Southern Command. During all 4 Divine visits to Pune, Swami used to stay in their home for few days. During the last visit, Bhagavan forgot to put on the sandals, and was walking barefoot towards the car.. At least that is what Mr. Ramachandran thought. He hurriedly picked up the sandals from Swami’s Room, and offered it to Bhagvan. Swami smilingly told him that He had not forgotten, but had left it behind deliberately, as His Prasadham.

This Divine Prasadham of Divine Sandals is now in possession of Mr. Ramachandran’s grand son living in Navi Mumbai. My wife and Me visited the home recently and had darshan. I did not forget to snap this Photograph.
With Love & Regards,

Thanks to”Mumbai” Srinivasan for sharing


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