Benevolent & Merciful Baba

  • Benevolent & Merciful Baba

Sai Ram Beloved ones on this forum:

Today, Thursday December 27, 2012, I got to take the Samadhi Cloth which I was gifted recently to have it blessed at the house of a devotee where there are many manifestations. This Samadhi Cloth is placed on Swami’s Samadhi at Prashanti Nilayam, therefore it means that it is already blessed by Swami, but recently while I was praying to Swami, I was guided to take this Samadhi Cloth to this devotee’s prayer altar and from the Vibhuti that will manifest as Baba’s Grace, I am to use this Vibhuti not for myself but rather give it or send it to people who have some ailment and thus this Vibhuti can be used as a solace and at the same time, as a blessings from Swami.

As I said above, I took this Samadhi Cloth today and placed it at the Altar where I was supposed to. There were many people who had come today and By the Grace of Swami, I got to place the Samadhi Cloth near the altar in the prayer room at 11:25, as can be seen in photos 1&2 taken from the rear as well as the entrance of the prayer room.

At 11:31 one of the devotees came and called me from the sitting room to come and see, and that Swami had manifested Vibhuti on the Robe, I did go to the prayer room to see it and yes, there was Vibhuti on the Samadhi Cloth, by this time so many other devotees who were present wanted to see the Vibhuti, I requested them to please refrain from touching either the Cloth or the Vibhuti and I was sure there would be much more, because the Vibhuti that was there would be hardly sufficient to send to 15 or 20 people. Sure enough at 11:39, by the time I went back into the prayer room, there was enough Vibhuti to send to at-least 75~100 people, but this time some devotees who were present in the prayer room, already took some Vibhuti before I got there. In photos 3&4 one can see the Vibhuti that manifested on the Samadhi Cloth, and Photo 5 is of the altar in the prayer room.

I was standing in the prayer room until 11:45 and praying to Swami and thanking Him for His Benevolence & Grace, when all of a sudden Swami’s voice in my head told me “You got what you came for, now go.”.

As there were so many devotees coming and going, I decided to immediately fold the Samadhi Cloth, place it in it’s box, and leave. After thanking the devotee in whose house this extra-ordinary altar is, I left the prayer room at 11:49 and eventually left the house at 11:55 together with the two other devotees that had come along with me.

Sai Ram & Sai Love

thank to Sai-Deepak B. Daswani++ for sharing

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