Sai Ram – Christmas Fever engulfs Parthi … from “The Prasan thi Reporter”‏

  • Sai Ram – Christmas Fever engulfs Parthi… from “The Prasanthi Reporter”‏

Even as Christmas celebrations set to begin this evening with the International Overseas Choir set to start the ball rolling with its scintillating musical show, there is an unprecedented flow of devotees, both Indian and Overseas to celebrate the auspicious occasion in the Ultimate Divine Presence.

After a fortnight’s hard effort battling severe wintry December the International Choir is done with their final rehearsal under the able and aesthetic leadership of Ms Gisela Sebastian from Germany.

Prasanthi is suffused with holy Christmas feeling with icons and symbols representing Christmas themes filled all over, thanks to the exuberant team of decorators from New Zealand.

Below is also the link from the ” Prasanthi Reporter..” to view some Wonderful Pictures of the Decorations in Prasanthi Nilayam..

Sai Ram


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