Prasanthi News – Pra santhi gears up for yet another Christma s… taken from “The Prasanthi Reporter”

Prasanthi News – Prasanthi gears up for yet another Christmas… taken from “The Prasanthi Reporter”


With the Christmas week arrived, Prasanthi is vibrant with a thick western populace rejoicing every single moment preparing to celebrate the holy advent in the Ultimate Divine Presence.

In Prasanthi, Christmas always adorns a special colour. There are no folks and no country, it is Western and Western Carols for Christmas that has always been the main attraction. Christmas is the when westerners get a chance to strut their stuff for their Beloved Swami. In fact, westerners, devotees from overseas, get to have their hands on everything related to Christmas. The term westerner get a different meaning and should be viewed from a broad global perspective.

While the International Western Choir has been gearing up singing and sweetening their love for The Lord, ably guided by Ms Gisela Sebastian from Germany, little children from various overseas countries also have been practising under ever familiar Alma Badings from the Netherlands. This time the it is Newzealand that is blessed to decorate the House Of The Lord leading to the Christmas Day.

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Sai Ram..


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