87th Birthday Celebr ations – Reports – P rasanthi Nilayam & D ivine Chants at Dhar makshetra

  • 87th Birthday Celebrations – Reports – Prasanthi Nilayam & Divine Chants at Dharmakshetra

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This video was created in 2005. Sung by Madhvi Sai of the Arpanams fame. On 23rd November every year millions celebrate Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s Birthday.
Added on 06/11/2007

87th Birthday Celebrtions at Prasanthi Nilayam – Videos Update:

87th Birthday Celebrations (Video) – Evening

87th Birthday Celebrations (Video) – Morning Function

Divine Chants
Listen to the Gayatri Mantra chanted by Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

sourced: http://www.dharmakshetra.org.in/dknews12/dknews-nov12.htm (in case if you are unable to hear the Gayathri Mantra chanted by Bhagawani – please click on the link abovementioned )

As you will notice in the music link above , the chant is being lead by Bhagawan Himself and the audience are following in much the same way as a Bhajan is lead and followed. Baba He often spoke of the Mantra’s Divine potency in enhancing the material and spiritual success of man. Such was His Love for the Mantra that He had a Mandir built in Her honor and gave discourses exalting Her Spiritual Sublimity by very often referring to Her as the most powerful of all Mantras! We are all so fortunate to not only chant the Mantra in His abode but also have Him lead us with the perfect pronunciation and intonation of this sacred verse!

The outcome of any Spiritual Sadhana is wholly dependent on the intention behind conducting it. And our single minded intention on November 25, 2012 while enunciating this Mahamantra will be TO RAISE THE SPIRITUAL VIBRATIONS OF LOVE, PEACE AND HARMONY on Planet Earth.; Request you all to kindly communicate the same to all in your Samithi so that we may generate the maximum possible spiritual strength through the Chant. Also, the more the number of people who chant together, the greater the vibrations generated. That is why Bhagawan had begun the movement of group singing and chorus in Bhajans and daily group recitation of the Vedas in Puttparthy. Hence an earnest request that all attend this chant and be with us for as long as possible. May we all soak ourselves and Mother Earth in this sublime bliss.

Divine Chants schedule for each Samithi (please click on this link to download the pdf file)

The Gayatri Idol at Dharmakshetra


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