Prasanthi News – First day of Navarathri – Veda Chanting by European Veda union…


The first evening of Devi Navarathri celebrations – 2012 turned out to be quite special one with devotees from five overseas nations presenting a unique united offering, chanting non-stop Vedam for over half-an hour.

Over fifty devotees, both men and women, from five European countries namely, Croatia, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Serbia and Slovenia belonging to the European Veda Union participated in the chanting, spreading the efficacy and potency of Veda chanting. The Veda Union is a unique movement aimed at uniting entire European continent with the message of Vedas.

Adding lustre to the already enlightened evening, post the Vedam chanting, Sri Ajit Popat, seasoned long time devotee from the United Kingdom gave an electrifying speech sharing beautiful lessons learnt at the Feet of Bhagawan.

Delivering in his unique inimitable style, speaking on the theme, Be Quiet, Be Quick and Be Ready To Quit the learned speaker enthralled the audience with his sense of humour and wisdom, entwining the speech with his own touching story, concluding on a high note, offering complete surrender at Bhagawan’s Lotus Feet. A group of Youth from the United Kingdom, led by Sri Ajit Popat, are also participating in the Grama Seva 2012.

Bhajans continued and Mangala Arathi was offered at 1815 hrs.

Tomorrow, 17 October, on the second evening of Devi Navarathri celebrations, devotees from Heart Valve Bank, London will offer a musical presentation at the Sanctum Sanctorum. The programme commencing at 1650 hrs. comprises Sitar Recital by Ms Roopa Panesar followed by a presentation of Medley of Bhajans by the Youth from the UK. The session commences at 1630 hrs. with Veda chanting by the UK group.

II Samasta Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II

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Sai Ram

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