Swami’s Miracle in K uwait

  • Swami’s Miracle in Kuwait


Here are report & photos of Swami’s miracle that happened at Kuwait on 22 October 2011.

Another instance of Swami’s post-samadhi presence with us. This time from Kuwait at a Veda learning session:

Dear all,

Sairam. Just wanted to share an incident that happened yesterday ( 22nd Oct.2011 ).

Here in Kuwait Sai Center , we have Sanscrit-Vedam learning session every Saturday evening from 7 pm to 8 pm. This has been going on regularly for almost the last 5 years.

Yesterday (22nd Oct) after the session, just as some of the devotees were beginning to leave, the people in the front noticed some red colour liquid in front of Swami’s photo.

was a make-shift alter for the event; a sofa was covered with a cloth
and Swami’s photo was placed on it; and alongside you had all the other
related articles such as Vibhuthi, kumkum, lamps etc.].

On closer observation, we noticed that the origin of this liquid was from the photo – beginning from Swami’s left hand in the picture. No one was sure what this was. We had seen Amritam which was honey-like colour. But this was different.

the mantram being taught currently was Lalita Sahasranamam]. The vibrations after the chanting was very good and there was a joyous feeling in the heart – something you normally experience when you go through a wonderful bhajan or satsang. [Two months back, the organizers
yielded to members’ demand for learning some strotras such as Lalita
Sahasranamam and Vishnu Sahasranamam – because of this, the attendance
had grown by 30% ].

As people were wondering, someone shouted from the back saying that Vibhuti-ash was coming from Swami’s photo in the puja room. Then all of us sat down in silence; sang a bhajan (Sundara Vadani Suguna Manohari); did Aarathi and partook of the Vibhuti that came in the photo.

The hosts decided to pour the liquid into a small vessal and distribute immediately. The fragrance was that of rose. The taste was similar to “Rooh-Af-Zaa” (a rose-juice concentrate) but a lot sweeter – not the sugary syrup kind of sweetness but more like Amritam (in case you have tasted this at Srirangapatnam or elsewhere). Needless to say that the taste was Divine.

As I write this mail, almost 20 hours later, the hosts tell me that Amrit continues to come – she has alread filled two small vessals.

Check out all the miracle photos in the link provided below.

Warm Regards

Satish Kumar Putta

Link to all the miracle photos:





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