My Guru Is God …God is My Guru

My Guru Is God…God Is My Guru…

My Guru Is God…God Is My Guru…

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

For the ones who have come to the Sai-Fold, while turning back, the ‘Destination’ is undoubtedly the Supremely Enchanting One, unmatched by anything ephemeral. Everyone who reads these lines is sure to have a story of his or her entry into this Ultimate Divine Fold. On this Guru Purnima occasion let’s listen to one such voice that echoes how earthly parents guided their tiny little one to the Ultimate Lord, Whom she convincingly accepted as God. She echoes, with a heart full of feeling, God is my Guru, my Guru is God, My God and Guru is…… Beloved Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai…Let’s join the writer, echoing this, by pledging Him to follow Him, in thought, word and deed… An inspiring poem from the pen of Ms. Jullie Chaudhuri.
Oh! What a glorious morning!
With these words her heart did joyously sing,
As she entered Prashanti Precincts,
Ever so grateful for this Cosmic link,
Just what the soul needed to renew,
An association that lingered lifetimes through,
Now, from all else her mind she withdrew,
Only one view did remain in her purview –
My Guru is God…God is my Guru…

As His glories were being sung that early morn,
She spent some time reminiscing just how,
This awesome link was born,
When time along with circumstances,
Extended a favour most kind,
Due to which, just one thought,
Pervaded the mind –
I need a Guru, I need a Guru, I need a Guru,
Oh, My Guru! I yearn for You,
I need to reach You,
Yet, somehow…I am unable to,
Come to me, please do…I implore You…

She approached her father seeking a way out,
Ever so wise was he,
From this dilemma he would surely know,
How to remove all doubt,
He would propel her on,
And clarity would ensue,
As to who… is to be her Guru…
Right from childhood he would encourage her –
With notions of self realization,
Her young and impressionable mind he would stir…
‘Keep yearning, my dear,’
Is what her father now said to her,
Then words of caution,
Did spring forth and rear,
‘Your Guru himself will find you and your path clear,
For in this age of Kali,
Frauds are many,
Integrity is difficult to gauge,
Be careful as to who…as your Guru,
You would like to eventually engage…’

She paid heed to this wise phrase,
Now, the longing for a Guru,
Even more so,
Nothing and none could erase,
However, impatience got the better of her,
And this time for urgent counsel,
She approached her mother…
Her mother pooh-poohed her quandary away,
From dark clouds did emerge a shining ray,
Let us hear what her mother said to her,
And learn from the sage advice,
All mothers should confer –

‘Do you need another Master,
When the Lord walks the earth,
Beloved Sai is your Guru…the reason for your birth…
Why do you unnecessarily plod,
Clasp His Lotus Feet,
And hear your soul applaud,
But, my dear child,
Before you acknowledge Him to be your Master,
You must accept and know,
Even as your spiritual feelings grow,
Before your lips do utter,
For Him the word – Guru,
Pause a moment and question yourself,
Will you be able to follow through?
Most importantly every now and then,
Ask yourself,
For all that He bestows upon you,
Just how worthy are you…?
As for me I have no doubt,
Any hesitation and dithering experiences do rout,
Through His grace alone…His divine accord,
Certain am I…as certain as I can be,
Sathya Sai is God,
God is my Guru…My Guru is God… ’
Now, her mother’s words so full of substance,
Rescinded all apprehensions,
Quite ably, aptly and skillfully,
The following words began,
To journey through her diary –
A sense of calm overcame me,
My boat sails upon the waves,
Yet, foolishly I am searching for the Sea,

Any question, predicament, impasse was swept away,
Assuaged, alleviated and allayed,
Left was I, with an overwhelming feeling of bliss,
Never before have I felt like this,
Nothing else remained,
Besides His image before my mind’s eye,
From the very core emerged a contented sigh –
‘Forget all…surrender to Mother Sai…’

On this sacrosanct day of Guru Purnima,
When to the Creator there is an offering,
Of many a salutation,
From all of creation,
En Masse –
From that speck of dust,
That tiny drop of dew,
Along with that blade of grass,
Each fragrant flower,
Even the yonder star,
Obeisances from –
The mineral, plant, animal and human realms,
Prayers filled with reverence immense –
Greetings to Thee, Oh! Mother Sai…
Gratitude and love we offer Thee,
Collectively and amiably,
We beseech Thee,
Passionately, intensely and devotedly,
For Thy Benevolence…Thy Grace,
Beloved Sai…Thy Will be done,
Thy Kingdom Come…

In hushed silence even as we sit,
Let us plead for inner and outer peace,
Goodwill and overall amity,
A world lit,
With His Cosmic glory,
For only He has the power,
To herald in what is just and true,
Nothing is impossible for our Guru,
Who compassionately and tirelessly,
Leads us towards our own divinity,
While removing the illusory net,
Who is reflected upon with every breath,
Who constantly permeates the mind with every thought,
Love, Light and Grace Who does us unlimitedly allot,
Who pervades every atom of every being,
Awaiting Whose Footsteps,
The heart does paens of glory sing,
Who is Cosmically accepted,
As the be-all and end-all of everything,
Who has descended to help us ascend,
To liberate us all…
Who will usher in the Golden Age,
Even as He hears each and every call,
For He is the centrifugal force that draws every soul,
Since He is God, Guru and the Goal…

Come, let us together pray –
Asatoma Sadgamaya…
Tamasoma Jyotir Gamaya…
Mrutyorma Amritam Gamayaa…

Come, Oh! Truly Beloved One,
Sweet Gurudeva,
Lead us on, do us steer,
Dissolving all things false,
Make Truth Reappear,
For we now realise,
There is naught else but Thee,
Thus, we entreat Thee,
Transform us…make us righteous and deserving,
To lead life ethically,
Our thoughts words and deeds virtuous and exemplary,
We needn’t then pause every moment or two,
Before these lips refer to You as Guru,
Through all that we think, say or do,
We prove that we love You,
Each segment of life does portray You are truly adored,
A genuine reward, divinely scored,
When the mind sheds the arrogance of ‘I’,
And all heartbeats do collectively,
Their pledge, allegiance and commitment intensify,
For then indeed,
With great gusto each one of us can sigh,
God is my Guru, my Guru is God,
My God and Guru is…
… Beloved Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai…
II Samasta Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II



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