On 10th December 2011, thousands of devotees from across the country converged at Shirdi,
to pay obeisance at Sai Baba’s Samadhi Mandir and Dattatraya Mandir on the eve of Shri Datta Jayanti.

Devotees had started arrivng the temple premises during wee hours of the morning.
At 10:00 am in the morning there was a special Shri Datta Jayanti Kirtan in Baba’s Samadhi Temple
followed by the Abhishek Pujan of Lord Datta in the Dattatreya Temple present in the Lendi Bagh`Shirdi.
At 10:00 pm Shri Dattatreya’s Photo alongwith Sai Baba’s was taken on a procession from the Samadhi Temple to all over Shirdi Village.
On this occasion Baba’s Samadhi Temple was decorated with flowers from the donation received from a Sai Devotee from Delhi.
There were long queues of devotees @ Gurusthan, Dwarkamayi and Lendi Bagh which is adjacent to the Datta temple.

But, even though special counters were set up to facilitate the devotees by the Shirdi Sansthan,
devotees who had come from far off states rued the lack of information on the part of authorites.
Many complained that unlike previous years they were deprived of touching Baba’s Samadhi as they had put glass barriers there.
Similar was the case with Dwarkamayee. And, until the Abhishek was over, they were not allowed to move towards that side.

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