Siddhesvara Dham in Sikkim has a 108 ft tall statue of Shiva , replicas of 12 Jyo tirlingas and models of sacred Chardham

Siddhesvara Dham in Sikkim has a 108 ft tall statue of Shiva, replicas of 12 Jyotirlingas and models of sacred Chardham


A unique pilgrim centre with a 108 feet tall statue of Lord Shiva , this pilgrim centre also has replicas of the twelve Jyotirlingas to offer one platform for Shiva devotees.
Siddhesvara Dham


Sikkim has created history by bringing the four Dhams under one roof at Solophok, Namchi, South Sikkim. The four most revered Dhams of the Hindus Jagannath, Dwarika, Rameshawaram, Badrinath has been replicated in this fantastic complex to benefit the devotees who will visit this place.

Siddhesvara Dham was consecrated by Shri Jagadguru Sankaracharya Swami Swarupananda Saraswati on November 8, 2011 and is now open to public.
The dream project of Chief Minister Pawan Chamling which was started in the year 2005 has been completed and stands promisingly amidst the breadth taking surrounding of Solophok hill, befitting the mythological setting behind the establishment of the original Dhams. For the consecration of the Dham Shri Jagadguru Sankaryacharya Swami Swarupananda Saraswati in the presence of the Chief Minister Pawan Chamling and Tika Maya Chamling and host of other dignitaries inaugurated the Siddhesvara Dham and also performed the main puja or the Pran Prastisha of the Dham. The Dham is now not just a tourist destination but a holy place ready for offering puja.
Siddhesvara Dham in Sikkim created atop Solophok hilltop, 5km from Namchi, has a 108 ft tall statue of Shiva, replicas of 12 Jyotirlingas, models of sacred Chardham Hindu Temples of Jagannath, Badrinath, Dwaraka and Rameswaram and a 18-feet statue of Kirateshwar a hunter incarnation of Shiva.
In Hindu mythology, it is believed that Lord Shiva, after losing Sati in Agnikund, had gone into seclusion and became a hunter in the forests of Sikkim.

Siddhesvara Dham has been created over 29.9 hectares at Solophok hilltop, 5km from Namchi, at a cost of Rs 56.51 crore.
The giant statue of Lord Shiva in sitting posture has been erected at the highest point of the hilltop.

A 135ft statue of Guru Padmasambhava the patron saint of Sikkim and a two-storey temple dedicated to Sai Baba also boost the pilgrimage appeal of South Sikkim. While Guru Padmasambhavas statue is across the Solophok hilltop, the Sai temple is just a stones throw from the new pilgrimage complex.

Namchi is 75km from Gangtok and is the administrative headquarters of South Sikkim

The rural development department said the Siddhesvara Dham had been set up with an aim to promote pilgrimage tourism and create commercial opportunities for the local people.

The place which is a pilgrim cum cultural heritage complex is built by Rural Development and Management Department, Government of Sikkim with state of art technology has all the capacity to turn out to be the most sort after tourist as well as pilgrimage destination of Sikkim in the near future.
During the Pran Prastisha programme Guru Jagad Sankaryacharya said that every people can worship here and it will be known as famous holy place in future. After visiting the Dham, people will get encouragement and a desire to do something. People will definitely come here to attain salvation.

He also said that, according to Hindu mythology, during the war fought between Kauravas and Pandavas when Arjuna was devoting in this particular place, Lord Shivaji revealed himself and blessed Arjuna. While Arjuna was praying a boar appeared before him which was being haunted by Kirateswar. Co- incidentally, the boar was killed by two arrows shot by Arjuna and Kirateswar and hence there arose a dispute for claim of the dead boar. In lieu of the prey, Arjuna begged Kirateswar for his favor for winning the battle against the Kauravas but Kirateswar declined the request rather committed to remain unbiased although he was inclined to Kauravas. It was believed that the help and favor of Kirateswar would be a winning weapon. Thus people still visit this sacred place with the hope of attaining salvation, peace and prosperity. Furthermore, they have faith in anticipation that having seen this place there would be forgiveness of sin.
It is believed that a visit to the place is enough to wash away ones sins. Char Dham, which is situated in India in four different places like East Jagannath, West as Dwarika, South as Rameshawaram, North as Badrinath Dham, where especially Hindus consider the main pilgrimage centers. In Sikkim, South (Namchi) specifies the important four Dhams which is in Solophok (Solokpur).
The Siddhesvara Dham project was started since 13th February 2005 and foundation stone was laid by Chief Minister Pawan Chamling. State government had sanctioned Rs. 99.56 crores for said project but the project completed at the cost of Rs.56.51 crores. The project was completed on 31st October 2011.

May Lord Shiva bestow his kind grace on all of us and free us from the cycle of birth and death.May He guide us on the path that is holy and blissfull and will lead us to His sacred lotus feet.

Shri Shirdi Sai Baba Temple ‘Assangthang’ South Sikkim
On 3rd Nov`2010 Sikkim bestowed a newly built Magnificent Shri Shirdi Sai Baba Temple at Assangthang, Namchi in South Sikkim.
The holy temple was inaugurated by the the Chief Minister, Dr Pawan Chamling and his wife Smt Tika Maya Chamling.
A day long inaugural program was initiated with a Deep Prajwalan event by the Chief Guest.
Also, on this very occasion a Statue of Shri Shirdi Sai Baba was unveiled and made for public worship after chanting the holy mantras.
This was followed by a documentary film presentation on “Shri Shirdi Sai Baba – the Pilgrimage”.
Bhakti programs were also carried by Bal Bikas Satya Sai Sanghathan Sikkim during the programme.
Quote of BABA:

If there be even a little trace of greed in mind, all the Sadhans (Spiritual endeavors) are of no avail.


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