Miracles in the home of Sri. T.N.Seshan, Chennai-photos

Miracles in the home of Sri. T.N.Seshan, Chennai


I am pleased to report that for the past few days, plenty of vibhuthi is oozing out from Babas Photo in their pooja room, in Chennai. The Amrutham, the holy amrut is also oozing from the photo of Lord Guruvayurappan. Two days back I phone up and spoke to Sri Seshan Sir, to know more about this Divine manifestation. Sri. Seshan was kind enough to confirm the Divine miracle.

These photos are also attached. Please see the beautiful face of Bhagavan Baba, embedded in the heap of vibhuthi. Looks very beautiful! Sri T.N Seshan and his wife had been blessed on the eve of Divali this year.

Post Mahasamadhi of Bhagavan, reports of innumerable such Divine manifestations are coming from various parts of the world. Who said Bhagavan Baba had left us???

With Love & Regards,

“Mumbai” Srinivasan

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