Divine Tribute to Our Lord

Om Sairam dearest Sai Family,With a heavy heart, and in complete dismay, I want to share this most miserable news of Kali Yuga about the sudden departure of Lord Sri Sathya Sai Baba, the Messiah of love who drenched every one of us with His unsullied Love. He left His body at 7:38 am. 24 th April 2011.. I cannot believe what I am typing and don’t know what to type.., I cannot believe what happened but the news is definitely shocking. Pulling the curtains down for the 24 days, Little Sathya Narayana Raju of yesteryears, Sri Sathya Sai Baba of today’s, DIVINE DRAMA, our Swami decided to leave us all, inspite of all the prayers, all the yagnas, all the rituals by His beloved children all over the world.
I have no idea and I am completely baffled to know that I would be typing this obituary to the DIVINE during this time when Swami’s mission and His message of Love was spreading all over the world with such a good pace.
Swami, just like Shirdi Sai Baba did give enough signals about His exit. While in hospital, Every one of us, devotees and non devotees were hoping for a BIG MIRACLE which was denied by Swami this time. But there was one signal which was made by Swami(according to eye witness) probably on the 22nd or 23rd march, when He joined both His hands (as if saying namaskar) from the dais.This gesture is usually done when some one wants to take leave. During the course of His 85th birthday celebrations, Swami was so kind enough to invite the whole world’s Sai family in Puttaparthi in the form of Parthi Yatras, Parthi pilgrimage. Be it the Russians, be it Newzelanders, USA, UK, South Africa you name the country and every one had come to Parthi. Swami atleast with the excuse of Parthi Pilgrimages, made so many devotees come to Parthi and those fortunate ones, who could come to this holy land, would be in complete dismay to hear that news. Every country that came, had some programme or other, be it dance, drama or music programme. Inspite of His ill health, Swami attended every contry’s programme because only He knew, this would be the fortunate one’s LAST CHANCE.
If we look at the final darshans of Swami, we(devotees) could clearly see that He was in a critical state of health. He was brought in a car and inspite of that, Swami was kind to give two bonus darshans to the assembled devotees. He was showering tons of love, He knew what was in the offering and not sure how many got that signal. Even till the last minute, He preferred to give joy and bliss to His devotees.
Swami made this declaration of Him living in the body for 96 years many a times. It was His DIVINE SANKALPA that made Him say that He would be in the body until 96, even though He knew about all the body ailments He would have in the later parts of His life. what ever it is, we had to bid farewell to the avatar of this Kali Age probably, 10 years BEFORE TIME.
Swami, with this sudden act, has left so many unanswered questions in common devotees’ minds.In the recent past He seemed to be very emotional, He seemed to be crying for every little thing in public which millions have witnessed, He wanted to say something to His beloved ones, probably at the end He decided to be SAILENT and let the TIME give the answer.
The kind of media coverage during His hospitalisation, the allegations made on some people, the way the whole hospitalisation episode was handled did leave a sad patch in the hearts of the devotees. Many devotees felt, for some one like Swami, this kind of farewell is definitely “painful”. He, the Emperor of GODS, should not have left under such pitiable situation where He seemed to battle for life but it was all a PHYSICAL HAPPENING just as it happened to Jesus during His crucification. Also the evil effects of Kali Age were also the reason for this “sad” exit.
Radio Sai under the able guidance of Prof.GV did help a bit to calm down the tension with some discourses of Swami where He spoke about the media, about His body but ultimately that which was “destined” happened and Swami chose to leave all of us to let us drown in the ocean of sorrow. Watching all the videos by Radio Sai, we all did feel that Swami will definitely come out of this Divine Drama and we all thought, this is just a PASSING CLOUD, but little did we knew that Swami had already decided take Maha Samadhi.
Many of us would ask,What would have went wrong? Why this premature exit by Swami. No doubt every thing is His will and Divine Sankalpa. The immediate duty of we devotees is to think of all that He has done for the man kind. His Life was His message. It is our duty now to carry on this LEGACY and reach out for the poor and down trodden. Share that same unsullied and pure love that Swami has shared with fellow human beings. He has made it clear, “I am God, You are not separate from God”. It is just a matter of self enquiry and self realisation. As Swami has always told, “Look within and you will know who you are”. Even though He may not be with us PHYSICALLY, He will be with us EVERY TIME.
At a time when the Sai movement was spreading all over the world, at a time when even non-beleivers were in the verge of becoming devotees, at a time even when the “rajasic” were becoming “satvic”, Swami seemed to have left every one in the middle of the “divine work”, which definitely is a huge burden on devotees who were blessed to be in His fold. When Swami was in the body, there were so many rumours as who would take over the “charge” of Swami’s divine work. Did He appoint any one? Can there be any one who will be as good as Him? Can that person run the proceedings like Swami did?
Each one of us are the GUARDIANS of His divine work. Each one of us have that prime duty to safeguard the “TREASURES” He has left. The Five Human Values, Sathya, Dharma, Shanthi, Prema and Ahimsa are Sai’s TREASURES. If this is taken care by every one us, Our Omnipresent and Omniscience Sai will be very happy.
No doubt the next time you visit Parthi, it will be entirely a diffent scene. There won’t be any devotees who will be running towards the ashram with cushions in hands for darshan. The divine enquiries like “where are you from?” ” How many”, “Be happy, happy” and so on will no longer be asked. Swami who used to make us happy with His beautiful smile will no longer be seen but Swami who is very much within us will always be with us, patting us, encouraging us, guiding us and also correcting us.
Brothers and Sisters, all those fortunate ones who could see the LIVING AND LOVING God in physical form and all those who could feel the LIVING AND LOVING God’s omnipresent form, we all have tons of work to do. No doubt we can tell the future generations that “Yes we have seen our beloved Lord Sri Sathya Sai Baba, I have felt His love, I have spoken to Him, I have fallen in His sight, I have made Him happy and so on” but we shouldnt forget the importance of this GREAT FORTUNE. The MISSION of Sri Sathya Sai Avatar doesn’t end with His physical form, infact the real MISSION has started now.
Brothers and Sisters, loss of a dear one is always painful and when we lose Swami, whom we always considered as the only HOPE, it is more painful, but Swami has told us “not to limit” Him to His physical form rather work towards implementing His valuable teachings.
That would be a great and right tribute to our beloved Lord,
O Swami, Thank You for your valuable time You preferred to spend with us, thank You for all the guidance, Thank You for coming down to earth to teach us the real meaning of LIFE and finally thank You for being YOU……
SEE YOU SOON SWAMI……. COME BACK SOON AS PREMA SAI… The whole Man Kind will be eagerly waiting for You…
(attached here are photos taken on the last public darshan 25th March 2011). Please don’t cry seeing these photos..
Jai Sai Ram
Thanks to Satish Naik for this posting

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